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The foundation was established not to provide money for research, but to provide monetary funds to families that are financially burdened by the disease.

Building a ramp for a wheelchair to gain access to a home, a shower chair, a vehicle to transport a wheelchair or even a simple wheelchair cushion all cost money.


Many families have difficulties affording these essential items because of the additional medical costs associated with the disease.


Our mission  is to enhance and enrich the lives of those with Muscular Dystrophy.


100% of your donation  to the Eric Elias Foundation goes directly to help families afflicted with muscular dystrophy.

Board members and volunteers donate all there time to the foundation.

Duchenne muscular dystrophy is the commonest serious muscle disorder in children and occurs in approximately one in every five thousand boys born.


Although Duchenne muscular dystrophy is an inherited disease, at present from the initial stages of fetal development, there is no physical indication at birth that the baby is anything less than normal.

Every year we hold our annual dinner dance where we have raised over $100,000 over 13 years.

You can help us by donating items for our silent auction which raises over $10,000 each year.


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